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AMREP Corporation was organized in 1961 and, through its subsidiaries, is engaged in two principal businesses: media services operations, consisting primarily of subscription fulfillment, newsstand distribution and product fulfillment services, and real estate ownership.

The Company, through its Media Services operations, provides an array of fulfillment services for publishers and others, and distributes magazines. The Palm Coast Data subsidiary performs subscription fulfillment and related activities, including graphic arts and direct mail services, call centers and list services, and is the second largest provider of subscription fulfillment services to magazine publishers in the United States with a client roster that includes nearly 500 of the United States' leading magazines and membership organizations. Its FulCircle, LLC subsidiary is an integrated multi-channel promotional solutions provider to marketers in all industries, and assists clients in developing comprehensive marketing programs by utilizing mail, email and call center phones. The Kable Distribution Services business provides back-office newsstand distribution and marketing services for publishers for the distribution to wholesalers and others of magazines in almost every editorial category, while the Kable Product Fulfillment Services business fills orders on behalf of publishers and others and provides specialty packaging services to a variety of businesses. The Company also conducts a temporary staffing business.

Through its AMREP Southwest Inc. subsidiary, the Company is a major holder of real estate in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. It is the founder of Rio Rancho, which is the third largest city in New Mexico, and the current focus of its activity there is on the entitlement, development and sale of land for residential, commercial and industrial uses.

AMREP Corporation has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange, symbol "AXR", since 1972. The Company's corporate headquarters are in Princeton, New Jersey; Palm Coast Data's business is based in Palm Coast, Florida, FulCircle’s business is located in Denver, Colorado, Kable's Newsstand Distribution Services business is headquartered in New York City with operations in Mount Morris, Illinois, and Kable's Product Fulfillment Services and temporary staffing businesses are based in Fairfield, Ohio; and AMREP Southwest's real estate business is located in Rio Rancho, New Mexico;

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